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Dynamic Website development

Our Dynamic and Responsive Website Development Services will support you throughout your digital journey. With our attractive & reliable websites and comprehensive after-sales support, you will be assured to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our site Includes:

  • Complementary SEO

  • SSL Encrypted Security

  • Hosting

  • Monthly updates (If required)

  • Full design renew at minimal costs (If required)

  • Enquiry generation & Sales

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E-commerce Website development

With an E-commerce site developed with us, you only have to focus on improving your products and services. We have done and will continue to do "everything" for your digital side to increase your exposure, nothing else will do!

Our site Includes:

  • SEO, SMO, SSL Encrypted Security, Hosting

  • Abandoned Cart recovery

  • Coupon card generation

  • Unlimited product placement

  • SALE declaration

  • Online payment gateway plug-in 

  • Invoice generation with tax

ECommerce SEO & Portal management

When working with us, selling on well-known e-commerce sites like Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart, eBay, and others has never been so simple. Our all-around service gives you the confidence to conduct business while giving your customers a better experience.

Our Portal management service includes:

  • Setting-up of products on a portal.

  • Product code/number/SKU assignment and management

  • Better reach through our SEO and SMO.

  • Better overall product management with emphasis low return.

  • Effective Sale, coupon code generation.

  • Sale funnel generation for better sales.

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Android/iOS mobile application development

at Sarc Media we make apps that looks great and works even greater, with your own E-commerce mobile app imagine the reach and professional approach you will get. With all of the customisation, optimisation, hosting and management on us, as we said 'nothing else will do!' 

Our app Includes:

  • Publishing and management of app.

  • E-commerce site connection\Features*

  • Android / iOS latest generation compatibility.

  • Compatibility over old generation

  • Better version updates

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Media design

Our dedicated graphics team develops the one of a kind minimal yet attractive print & soft media that not only showcases your products but also develops your brand identity on clients mind.

Our media service includes:

  • Always fresh brand new design, specially designed for your brand.

  • Product shoot and enhancement is done by our professionals.

  • High quality print service and door-step delivery to the physical media opts.

  • Most compatible soft media, that opens on every smart device seamlessly.

  • Beautifully custom-crafted media to suitcase your product and services in professional way.

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